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Lindsay & Drew // Wedding

Lindsay & Drew invited all of their favourite people to their favourite place in the world. “We wanted you all to see the magic we see in this place,” they said.

It was a day of air that smelled like summer and salt, of wandering in the dunes, of a wedding ceremony enjoyed with toes in the sand, of dancing until the sky turned from navy to black, and of beers and hotdogs and hugs under the stars, around the fire, til the wee hours of the morning.

Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0001 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0002 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0003 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0004 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0006 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0008 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0009Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0007 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0010 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0011 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0012 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0013 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0014 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0001 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0002 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0003 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0004 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0005 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0006 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0007 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0008 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0009 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0001 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0002 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0003 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0004 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0005 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0006 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0007 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0008 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0009 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0011 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0012 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0013 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0014 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0015 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0001 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0003 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0004 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0005 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0006 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0007 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0010 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0001 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0002 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0003 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0004 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0005 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0006 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0007 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0008 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0009 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0001 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0002 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0003 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0004 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0005 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0006 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0007 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0008 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0009 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0011 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0001 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0002 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0003 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0004 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0005 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0006 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0007 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0008 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0009 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0010 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0011 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0001 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0002 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0003 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0004 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0005 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0006 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0007 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0008 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0009 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0010 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0011 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0012 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0014 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0015 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0016 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0017 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0018 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0019 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0020 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0021 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0022

Julia & Wenz // Wedding

How do we even begin to describe the honour we felt at being invited to photograph Jules’s and Wenz’s wedding celebration in Switzerland?

We remember being picked up at the train station as a light drizzle fell in Bern. We piled into their marvellous ketchup red and mustard yellow wedding van and they drove us to their home and fed us dinner and we slept. We woke up and Wenz had put together a gourmet Swiss breakfast for all of us. We loaded up on soft boiled eggs and cakey bread and then hiked up the Niederhorn.

Two days later we were in Zürich and it was the day.

Julia & Wenz. Married in the Swiss countryside & celebrated in the heart of Zürich. They got ready at Wenz’s childhood home, drove around in a vintage van, had post-ceremony ceremony après with all their loves, and danced on a dock by the river to an incredible balkan/gypsy band as the moon appeared and disappeared behind the moving clouds. An after party followed in Zürich’s Viaduckt area and later that morning, a photo popped up on Instagram of the two of them walking hand in hand to their hotel as the sun rose. Goodness from start to finish. Joy overflowing.

aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer001 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer002 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer003 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer004aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer006 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer007 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer008 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer009 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer010 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer011 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer012 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer013 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer014 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer015 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer016 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer017 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer018 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer019 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer020  aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer022 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer023 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer024 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer025 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer026 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer027 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer032 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer033 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer034 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer035 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer036 aix-en-provence_wedding_photographer037 avignon_wedding_photographer001 avignon_wedding_photographer002  avignon_wedding_photographer004 avignon_wedding_photographer005 avignon_wedding_photographer006 avignon_wedding_photographer007 avignon_wedding_photographer008 avignon_wedding_photographer009 avignon_wedding_photographer010 avignon_wedding_photographer011 avignon_wedding_photographer012 avignon_wedding_photographer013 provence_wedding_photographer001 provence_wedding_photographer002 provence_wedding_photographer003 provence_wedding_photographer004 provence_wedding_photographer005 provence_wedding_photographer006 provence_wedding_photographer007 provence_wedding_photographer008 provence_wedding_photographer009 provence_wedding_photographer010 provence_wedding_photographer011 provence_wedding_photographer012 provence_wedding_photographer013 provence_wedding_photographer014 provence_wedding_photographer015 provence_wedding_photographer016 provence_wedding_photographer017 provence_wedding_photographer018 provence_wedding_photographer019 provence_wedding_photographer020 provence_wedding_photographer021 provence_wedding_photographer022 provence_wedding_photographer023 provence_wedding_photographer024 provence_wedding_photographer025 provence_wedding_photographer026 provence_wedding_photographer027 provence_wedding_photographer028 provence_wedding_photographer029 provence_wedding_photographer030 provence_wedding_photographer031 provence_wedding_photographer032 provence_wedding_photographer033 provence_wedding_photographer034 provence_wedding_photographer035provence_wedding_photographer037provence_wedding_photographer036

We were also delighted to create a stop-motion film of Julia & Wenz’s amazing day. Enjoy!


Meaghan & Jason // Wedding

Meaghan & Jason were married in the mountains. Their guests stayed in cabins that were scattered among tall pines and wildflowers. The day started with a dip in the river and ended around a bonfire under a cloudy sky. And there were a few mosquitoes, and a drinking game in the field, and venison sausage, and pet dogs sitting by their owners’ sides, and two very boisterous emcees.

Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0001 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0002 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0003 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0004 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0005 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0006 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0007 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0008 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0009 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0010 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0011 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0012 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0013 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0014 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0015 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0016 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0017 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0018 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0019 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0020 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0021 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0022 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0023 Artistic Pemberton Wedding Photographer-0024 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0001 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0002 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0004 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0005 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0006 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0007 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0008 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0009 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0010 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0011 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0012 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0015 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0016 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0017 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0018 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0019 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0020 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0021 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0022 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0023 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0024 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0001 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0002 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0003 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0005 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0006  Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0007 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0008Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0009Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0010Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0011Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0003Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0005Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0006Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0007Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0008Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0009Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0010Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0011Artistic Whitehorse Wedding Photographer-0012Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0001Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0002Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0003Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0005Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0006Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0007Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0008Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0009Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0010Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0011Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0012Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0014Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0015Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0016Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0017Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0018Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0019Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0020Artistic Yukon Wedding Photographer-0021

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet… I might find somewhere where I can finish my book. I have thought of a nice ending for it: and he lived happily ever after to the end of this days. – J.R.R. Tolkien

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