Evolution Gaming Launches a New Version of Baccarat Dice Called Bac BO

Bac Bo Live Evolution is a live casino game that was released in 2022 by Evolution. This game is appropriate for both casual and big rollers, with an RTP of 98.87 percent and a maximum wager of C$10,000. If you win the tie, Bac Bo will give you 88 times your prize. On both desktop PCs and mobile devices, the game can be played.

On Tuesday, Evolution Gaming introduced a new game, which was officially released. Bac Bo is a novel game that pays homage to the basic game of baccarat by determining the game with dice rather than cards.

Evolution Gambling

Baccarat, also known as punto banco, is a mysterious and intriguing game that’s as simple to play online as flipping a coin – if a coin lands on its edge roughly eleven times instead of the usual six thousand times.

Evolution Gaming Innovates at Every Turn

Customers can always expect new methods to play their favourite games from Evolution Gaming, which has completely eliminated the use of cards and replaced it with the use of dice to score points. Players still choose whether to wager on the banker or the player, but the hand’s value is decided by the sum of the two dice.

There are four separate dice shakers on the table, so no “golden finger” dealer may tamper with the results at will. The dice for the dealer’s “hand” are rolled by two of the sticks, while the dice for the player’s “hand” is rolled by the other two.

In the case of an initial outcome, the score is simply based on the sum of the two dice in each hand, with the largest number of winning points. The outcome is invariably a Banker victory, a Player victory, or a tie. Instead of the 8:1 payout that occurs naturally in the basic baccarat game, draws can pay up to 88:1. The CPO continued, Bac Bo is an easy-to-learn game that stays true to the spirit of Baccarat. With only the outcome of basic dice rolls to consider, it’s easier to follow the rules and gameplay than in Baccarat. The dice rolls – and the thrills – keep on coming!”