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The Nickersons // Vancouver, Victoria & Destination Wedding Photographers


Meet Us


Our Story

Once upon a late-August evening, on an island in the middle of a northern Ontario lake, Sarah took a seat next to Graeme. The sinking sun turned the trees golden-green as the water deepened to indigo. A line of canoes laid on the shore. Beyond them, a handful of tents sat scattered across the small rocky island like confetti. The conversation they shared was short, but months later they’d be talking for hours and hours into the night. Years later they were married by the water.

That is the beginning of our story–our great adventure together. After meeting in Ontario we fell in love, moved West, and created a home and life together on the coast.

We Love Weddings

We’ve had the joy of photographing stories of dancing under the stars, of wedding vows written in personal journals, of the grandpa who came to the ceremony despite health problems, of a couple who cried with joy when the fact that they were finally married sunk in, of the big love we felt at a wedding in the middle of the woods, of the magic thick that is in the air when a couple exchanges vows during their ceremony and their most-loved ones are gathered around, breathing everything in.

It’s been an amazing 7 years since we started photographing weddings and we’ve enjoyed documenting one of the most important and sacred days of a couple’s life hundreds of times now–that’s a lot of love.



Sarah is a dreamer and a storyteller. She wants to travel. Everywhere. Give her a day at the ocean and her soul is freed. Her finger is hot on the pulse of the Vancouver/Victoria frozen treats scene. She passionate about making art and making friends.

Loves: People, the written word, ice cream, adventure, and elephants.

Likes: Croissants, growing things, dancing, and wine in all its forms.




Graeme has a calm and easy-going presence and never turns down a date to a microbrewery or distillery. Spending time in the great outdoors is as high on his list of priorities as seeing how many naps he can fit into a week. Did something in our house break? He’ll fix it. He is a self admitted coffee aficionado snob.

Loves: Family, rock climbing, and music.

Likes: Craft beer, outer space, cookbooks, iThings, chips, and geeky blogs.



Random Facts

Stuff We Love

Each other, going on brunch dates, outdoor adventures, tacos!, Thai food, live music, documentary films, homemade pizza, our dog Ruby, witnessing the magic/love/awesomeness/emotion of a wedding day over and over, cheese, walks along the seawall, traveling, My Neighbor Totoro, mid-century modern things, naps, baking bread, West Elm, watching Star Trek, sharing meals with family & friends, independent & local coffee shops, personal wedding vows written by the bride & groom, small local boutiques, bonfires on the beach, wine & beer & mojitos & gin & bourbon (not all at once! haha!), outdoor weddings, folk music festivals & food in general.


Go on a bike tour adventure. Swim at the Calanques. Own an electric car. Try out natural fabric dyeing. Build a cabin by the water with a hammock on the porch. Travel through Japan.


Thanks to Alexa Mazzarello Creative for the photos of us above.


Giving Back

Social justice and caring for those less fortunate is close to our hearts. Since starting our business, we’ve been so thankful for everyone who has believed in and supported our dreams. It’s because of our amazing couples that we’re able to keep doing what we love. Having experienced the gift of an audacious dream coming true, we’re investing a portion of our profits into other entrepreneurs. Kiva, a micro-loan charity, empowers those in developing countries to create better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. Awesome, right!? On another note, if there’s a social cause or project you’d like to connect with us about photographing, let’s chat–we’re passionate about telling the stories of good things.


Our Favorite Things

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