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To the Trees!

Sometimes the best adventures can be found close to home.

This past Saturday we woke up to a foggy morning. I was super excited because Graeme told me the night before that he was taking me on a surprise date. Two words I love: surprise and date. Together, even better.

We headed north, through Stanley Park and across the Lion’s Gate Bridge to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. We knew this place was quite the tourist attraction, so our expectations weren’t super high, but honestly, the park is so, so beautiful. We couldn’t help geeking out a bit–the place is a goldmine for photography and as we walked through, we were imagining where we’d place a bride & groom in amongst the trees. We bought sea salt caramel fudge and laughed at ourselves and enjoyed some splendid rays of sunshine.

capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding1 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding2 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding3 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding4 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding5 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding6 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding7 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding8 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding9 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding10 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding11 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding12 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding13 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding14 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding15 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding16 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding17 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding18 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding19 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding20 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding21 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding22 capilano_suspension_bridge_wedding23

But seriously, for any outdoorsy couples out there looking for an incredible wedding ceremony & reception spot, you’ve gotta head there. An open air reception at the canyon overlook would be killer. There are trees you can hang lanterns from and one of the most beautiful views. If you decide to do it, call us. 😉

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