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Snowshoeing Mt Seymour

I’m not a big fan of Winter. Give me flip flops and warm sun on the beach any day. But, if I have to endure Winter, I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Graeme & I love to ski–unfortunately, we don’t have our own gear (yet) so it’s super expensive for us to do. We do have snowshoes though, so we’ve used those a lot to get outdoors in the winter and go for small hikes. A few Saturdays ago we headed up to Mt Seymour and hiked into the back country, behind the ski hill. After walking through the undulating trail of the forest, we emerged into the alpine and the view was beyond words. I actually cried behind my sunglasses, moved at the beauty of it all. Ridges of snow-sprinkled blue mountains as far as you could see. The kind of view you don’t get to enjoy every day and you wouldn’t even know was in your backyard if you hadn’t ventured out.

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