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2014 // Highlights

In the end we’ll all become stories. -Margaret Atwood

Every year is filled with ups and downs. Joys and struggles. My hope is for growth amidst it all. For moments of joy with the people I love. To live a story characterized by adventure, by generosity and kindness, by making beautiful things. Meeting Graeme has made my story all the more wonderful; walking though life together these past six years, marrying each other, creating this business–we’re so thankful.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our couples who trust us to photograph one of the best days of their lives and welcome us to those days as friends–you make our story a beautiful one.

Every year, there are days you never want to see the end of: days where you want to drink in every drop of sunshine until it fades slowly below the horizon. Days that you hold in your heart forever.

These are some of those days. A collection of moments that made twenty-fourteen the beautiful/magical/adventurous/inspiring/marvelous year that it was for us. A bit of our story.

1 Victoria Wedding Photographer 11 Vancouver Wedding Photographer 8 Gulf Islands Wedding Photographer 5 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer 4 Vancouver Wedding Photographer 3 God's Mountain Estate Wedding 2 Muskoka Wedding Photographer13 Vancouver Wedding Photographer 14 Jasper Wedding Photographer 15 Tofino Wedding Photographer 16 Whistler Wedding Photographer 17 Vancouver Wedding Photographer 18 Kona Wedding Photographer 19 Okanagan Wedding Photographer 20 Galiano Island Wedding Photographercreative_victoria_wedding_photographer00621 Pender Harbour Wedding Photographer 23 Lighthouse Park Wedding 24 Sooke Wedding Photographer creative_victoria_wedding_photographer003 creative_victoria_wedding_photographer00425 Yaletown Roundhouse Wedding 26 Calgary Wedding PhotographerGastown-wedding-vancouver 27 Kauai Wedding Photographer 28 Pemberton Wedding Green Water Resort 30 Muskoka Wedding Photographer31 Granville Island Wedding 31 Lighthouse Park Wedding 33 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver Whistler 35 Mystic Beach Wedding French Beach Wedding Sooke Wedding Photographercreative_victoria_wedding_photographer00534 Cultus Lake Wedding Chilliwack Agassiz 37 Vancouver Wedding Photographer 38 Brock House Wedding 39 Pyramid Lake Resort Wedding Jasper Alberta-1 40 Jasper Wedding Photographer 41 Artistic Vancouver Wedding Photographer36 Whistler Wedding Photographer42 Kits Beach Wedding 43 artistic vancouver wedding photographer14 Vancouver Elopement Photographer 12 Cleveland Dam Wedding North Vancouver 9 Gulf Islands Wedding Photographer 10 UBC Farm Wedding Vanocuver 6 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer 7 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographercandid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer001 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer002 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer003 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer004 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer005 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer006 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer009 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer012 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer015 5 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer028 3 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer011 6 pemberton_wedding_photographer007 7 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer022 8 whistler_wedding_photographer005 9 whistler_wedding_photographer001 10 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer030 11 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer029 12 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer025 13 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer024 14 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer013 15 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer022 16 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer024 18 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer034 19 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer001 20 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer019 21 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer027 22 creative_victoria_wedding_photographer002 23 creative_victoria_wedding_photographer008 24 creative_victoria_wedding_photographer009 26 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer017 28 pemberton_wedding_photographer018 29 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding024 30 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer022 27 pemberton_wedding_photographer00184 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer020 83 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer026 82 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer018 81 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer009 80 pemberton_wedding_photographer005 78 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer010 77 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding010 76 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding021 75 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding022 74 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding018 73 pemberton_wedding_photographer017 54 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer01472 haiku_mills_wedding005 71 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer013 71 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer002 70 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer033 69 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer032 67 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer023 66 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer020 65 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer019 63 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer007 61 whistler_wedding_photographer006 59 pemberton_wedding_photographer024 58 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding001 57 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding011 55 pemberton_wedding_photographer008 54 haiku_mills_wedding003 53 pemberton_wedding_photographer003 52 pemberton_wedding_photographer006 51 pemberton_wedding_photographer011 50 pemberton_wedding_photographer009 49 haiku_mills_wedding008 48 haiku_mills_wedding009 47 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer035 46 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer004 45 pemberton_wedding_photographer020 44 pemberton_wedding_photographer014 43 pemberton_wedding_photographer012 42 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding004 41 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding017 40 pemberton_wedding_photographer004 39 haiku_mills_wedding001railtown wedding_wancouver 38 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer025 37 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer006 36 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer031 33 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer013 35 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer02179 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer017 60 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer0141 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer023 2 haiku_mills_wedding006 3 haiku_mills_wedding007 3.5 creative_victoria_wedding_photographer001 4 pemberton_wedding_photographer022 5 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer005 6 whistler_wedding_photographer003 7 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer026 8 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer027 9 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer005 10 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer030 11 haiku_mills_wedding004 12 pemberton_wedding_photographer023 13 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding006 14 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding019 15 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer002 16 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer008 17 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer027 18 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer028 19 whistler_wedding_photographer007 20 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer015 21 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer010 22 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer029 23 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer012 24 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer021 25 pemberton_wedding_photographer002 26 haiku_mills_wedding002 27 pemberton_wedding_photographer013 28 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer024 29 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer015 30 pemberton_wedding_photographer021 30 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding009 31 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding005 32 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding014 33 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding023 34 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer021 35 pemberton_wedding_photographer010 36 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer016 36 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer018 37 creative_vancouver_wedding_photographer020 38 pemberton_wedding_photographer016 39 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer004 40 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding016 41 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer017 43 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding007 44 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding020 45 sunshine_coast_victoria_wedding_photographer003 47 whistler_wedding_photographer002 48 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer025 49 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding012 51 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding013 52 pemberton_wedding_photographer015 53 Pyramid_lake_jasper_wedding015 55 candid_vancouver_victoria_wedding_photographer014


It has been a fast-paced month. We’ve jumped feet-first into wedding season, have been photographing engaged couples and families in the Spring weather, all while putting all the finishing touches on our new website & blog (including creating and writing over 20+ blog entries that we’ve been meaning to share forever but put off until we had our hands on the new website) and coordinating our awesome launch celebration giveaway. When life gets busy, it can be hard to stop long enough to have an adventure, to enjoy a slow walk on the seawall, to just breathe. Things have been so hectic that it feels like we went on our Big Island Hawaiian adventure years ago, but it was only at the beginning of April that we were there!

When I close my eyes and think back on the trip, I smile. Honestly, every adventure Graeme and I go on together feels like another honeymoon. He is the best traveling companion for me and we have so much fun together; we actually have the same travel style and from day to day, so we’ve never fought on a trip. Bliss.

There are so moments that are so clear for me when I think back: The deep red and orange glow of the volcano at night, the sweetness of a shaved ice, snorkeling with the Manta Rays at night and bobbing up and down with the dark waves, the mud speckling my face on our ATV ride through Waipio, the baking sensation over my whole body on the lava fields, and that ache in my chest as we watched the most enormous waves I have ever seen crash near the shore at South Point.

I remember our drive through a mango grove. The dirt road was full of potholes so we took it really slow. We saw a sign that told us we were entering the grove and to ‘Enjoy’. Suddenly the jungle rolled up in front of us. Tangled trees, hanging vines, a canopy of emerald overhead. I felt like we had driven into a dream. One of those catch-your-breath moments.

It was a wild, wonderful, remarkable time together.

creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii046 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii047 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii048 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii049 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii050 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii051 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii052 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii053 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii054 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii055creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii056 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii057 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii058 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii059 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii060 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii061 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii062 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii063 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii064 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii065 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii066 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii067 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii068 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii069 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii070 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii071 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii072 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii073 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii074 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii075 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii076 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii077 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii078 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii079 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii080 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii081 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii082 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii083 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii084 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii085 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii086 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii087 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii088 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii089 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii090 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii091 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii092 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii093 creative_wedding_photographer_hawaii094And a collection of photographs taken on our iPhones:

creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver002 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver003 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver004 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver005 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver006 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver007 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver008 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver009 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver010 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver011 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver012 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver013 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver014 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver015 creative_wedding_photographer_vancouver017

Our Southwest Road Trip

I spent a good majority of my growing up years in Colorado and California, during which my family went on many road trips throughout the southwest. I knew that the beauty of the area was something I wanted to share with Graeme someday.

After a busy summer of weddings, we needed a change of pace. We photographed Kate & Alex’s magical wedding on Galiano Island, came home to pack up our car and headed south. The car was packed–the border guard actually asked us why we had so much stuff. I didn’t see any harm in bringing along a couple of pillows and down comforters to outfit our tent as we camped along the way. Crawling into a tent and meeting a soft down quilt and your own pillow instead of an old sleeping bag and a thermarest with a fleece rolled up for a pillow? Deluxe.

It was a beautiful three weeks. After shooting so much, we needed a little break from our usual gear. We inherited this old 35mm Nikon film camera from Graeme’s grandfather which we took along and had a lot of fun experimenting with. We also busted out my camera for some of the stops, but it stayed buried at the bottom on the car for the most of the trip, which was so refreshing. Sometimes, I find that putting the camera down and really soaking in the moment is the best way to get re-inspired.

“Life… it has to be lived; a person has to get out of his head, has to fall in love, has to memorize poems, has to jump off bridges into rivers, has to stand in an empty desert and whisper sonnets under his breath:

I’ll tell you how the sun rose
A ribbon at a  time…” -Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts

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