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Amanda & Brody // Portraits

She was determined not to date anyone until she had finished university and checked some important things off her list.

He had a bit of a crush on her after their first meeting, but they came to know each other as friends, and then one day, he asked for her number.

By then she had a change of heart. She saw how he lived life fully & it captivated her. He had her curious. So, she gave him her number and a little over nine months later, we met them in a coffee shop on Main Street.

We loved our time with these two & it can only be described as magical–under the rain, under the glowing holiday lights.

It was my greatest thrill
When we just stood still
You let me hold your hand ’til I had my fill

Amanda & Brody.

Amanda & Brody, thanks for sharing your story & your love with us!

We photograph people who are in love & it’s beyond awesome. If you’re in love, we can photograph you too! Don’t be shy–connect with us for more information.

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