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Sydney & Taylan // An Adventure

This story starts with an e-mail. Sydney & Taylan were drawn to our work and e-mailed hoping that we were available for their day. They shared some of their favourite things and one of those was riding ATVs during the summer in the mountains. Well, let’s just say I’d already decided what we were doing for their engagement session before we even met!

Fast forward to a few weeks later, they sat in our home as we chatted about their story and their wedding plans. I brought up the engagement session–Taylan was looking a bit unexcited about the prospect, to say the least. The idea of an engagement session often conjures up cheesy images in folks minds, which is understandable. But, we like doing things differently. When I proposed an ATVing adventure for their portraits, they were both super into it!

Fast forward again, to a weekend in May. We drove way, way out, past Mission to the foot of the mountains where Sydney & Taylan pulled up in a truck loaded with two ATVs.

And, the Choose Your Own Adventure session was born, quite by accident, really. But, as some accidents are, it was a very happy one.

Sydney & Taylan took off on their ATV and Graeme and I followed. They took us to a ton of amazing spots and while the afternoon wore on, it hardly felt like any time had passed at all. We ended at this unbelievable lake filled with hollowed out trees–a perfect spot for the sun to set as it dipped behind the mountains. A spot only accessible by a crazy long back country hike, or in our case, ATV’s.

Since then, we’ve added Choose Your Own Adventure sessions to our offerings. It was just that good. They’re perfect for the couple who want their portrait/engagement session to tell more of a story about who they are and what they love, and they include more candid and photojournalistic imagery than a usual portrait session will. I remember reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid (fingers spread throughout the book in case on of my choices ended in death) and just loving them. Why can’t your turn engagement portraits into an adventure? Or any portraits for that matter?

Enjoy the photographs we created for Sydney & Taylan. Let yourself get lost for an afternoon in the mountains.

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