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Julia & Amiel // An Adventure

It’s no secret that we love adventures. And, the ocean. Luckily for us, Julia & Amiel love those things too and when they first wrote to us and shared about themselves, their wedding and some of their favourite things, I knew we were going to totally hit if off.

“We love driving on to boat ramps at low-tide, deep conversation, staring at the stars, quiet moments, having beach fires, spending time with our family and friends that are basically family, being in each others company, watching Downton Abby, eating delicious food at our favourite local restaurants, making beautiful music, appreciating beautiful music that others have made, and expression. Yes. Expression. Oh, and laughing. Yes. Laughing. #lol”

Haha! Don’t you just love that?

Julia & Amiel wanted to tell a little more of a story about themselves with their engagement portraits and had us photograph a Choose Your Own Adventure session for them. They were so laid back and up for anything, so we planned an afternoon of wandering through trees and along the ocean’s shores. We ended the day with an unbelievable cotton-candy sunset and then a beach fire and star-gazing. It was just so them. So full of joy and laughter. The kind of day when you can’t believe this is your job and how you get to meet such awesome people. A lovin’ life kind of day. I can only imagine all the great adventures that are in store for these two.

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