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The Nickersons // Vancouver, Victoria & Destination Wedding Photographers


Lindsay & Drew // Wedding

Lindsay & Drew invited all of their favourite people to their favourite place in the world. “We wanted you all to see the magic we see in this place,” they said.

It was a day of air that smelled like summer and salt, of wandering in the dunes, of a wedding ceremony enjoyed with toes in the sand, of dancing until the sky turned from navy to black, and of beers and hotdogs and hugs under the stars, around the fire, til the wee hours of the morning.

Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0001 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0002 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0003 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0004 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0006 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0008 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0009Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0007 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0010 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0011 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0012 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0013 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0014 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0001 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0002 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0003 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0004 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0005 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0006 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0007 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0008 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0009 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0001 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0002 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0003 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0004 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0005 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0006 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0007 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0008 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0009 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0011 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0012 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0013 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0014 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0015 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0001 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0003 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0004 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0005 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0006 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0007 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0010 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0001 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0002 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0003 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0004 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0005 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0006 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0007 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0008 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0009 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0001 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0002 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0003 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0004 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0005 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0006 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0007 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0008 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0009 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0011 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0001 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0002 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0003 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0004 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0005 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0006 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0007 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0008 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0009 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0010 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0011 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0001 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0002 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0003 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0004 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0005 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0006 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0007 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0008 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0009 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0010 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0011 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0012 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0014 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0015 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0016 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0017 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0018 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0019 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0020 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0021 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0022
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