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Sarah & Andrew // Wedding

Two artists throw a farm wedding celebration. There are dream-catchers and lace and wildflowers and happy tears and lawn games and a keg of beer and cute grandparents.

And a lot of heart.

Andrew tells a story about a girl who used to live in Kenora, Ontario and a boy who would go the Kenora in the summers and how he imagines that their paths and stories crossed, even before they actually met on the west coast many years later. And, everyone cries.

Sarah is truly present in every single moment of the day. She folds her hands and fidgets as she waits to see her groom. She glances at the papers after signing their marriage license and you can see her soaking it all in, breathing in every second and filing it away to keep in her heart forever.

These two are human gems. Enjoy the story of their wedding day.

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