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Oregon Coast Adventure

Since moving back to the West Coast, a trip to the seaside of Oregon has been on my list. We made it a ladies week–four photographers, one coastal cabin and a whole lot of driving to and fro. We stayed at a great Airbnb in Seaside, Oregon. It took us an hour in the dark to find it, but once we were inside, all was good. And, when we woke up the next morning–oh, the view. I climbed into the cabin’s private tree house and watched the light change. I can’t wait to go back with Graeme one day–one of my favourite stops was Manzanita (great coffee shop there).

In October, it’s incredibly sleepy and calm. No traffic. No crowds. Just you and the endless sea.

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Let It Snow On Us

Another year is coming to a close and the days seem to rush by in the winter wind. We’re spending time in Winnipeg right now with Graeme’s family and it is incredibly good to reconnect, spend time with our adorable baby nieces, and watch the snow drift lazily out of the sky from a seat by the fire with a good book in your hands (Currently Harry Potter for me and The Lord of The Rings for Graeme).

We didn’t put up our own tree this year–if you could call it that. Our tree stands 4ish feet tall, is pre-lighted and sits nicely in a planter of sorts. It’s really, all you can fit into a 504 square foot apartment. I love it, though–it’s ours. I love the slow collection of Christmas tree ornaments as we add on more years to our marriage. There is something so nostalgic and special about decorating the tree and plugging the lights in. So yes, no tree for us at home in Vancouver, but that means we have a chance to decorate a tree with our Winnipeg family!

I am (desperately) hoping when we go get the family tree, we could maybe go to a Christmas Tree farm to pick one out. Growing up, my family always had an artificial tree and going to a Christmas Tree farm is something I’ve never done.

I am in love with snow right now. That’s how it is with me… one month: in love with the desert. Give me cacti, red earth & rock cliffs. Then, a month or so later, I’m all about the cozy cabin on the side of a mountain with snow falling outside the windows, a pair of snowshoes or skis to enjoy during the day, and for the evening: egg nog & rum, board games by the fire, and fondue. Are you dreaming with me now? So, anyway…very caught up in this whole winter wonderland idea.

But, right now… I know I am incredibly blessed to be where I am. With those I love. So blessed.

At the end of a very snowy & lovely engagement shoot this week, Graeme grabbed a couple frames of me.

Our Southwest Road Trip

I spent a good majority of my growing up years in Colorado and California, during which my family went on many road trips throughout the southwest. I knew that the beauty of the area was something I wanted to share with Graeme someday.

After a busy summer of weddings, we needed a change of pace. We photographed Kate & Alex’s magical wedding on Galiano Island, came home to pack up our car and headed south. The car was packed–the border guard actually asked us why we had so much stuff. I didn’t see any harm in bringing along a couple of pillows and down comforters to outfit our tent as we camped along the way. Crawling into a tent and meeting a soft down quilt and your own pillow instead of an old sleeping bag and a thermarest with a fleece rolled up for a pillow? Deluxe.

It was a beautiful three weeks. After shooting so much, we needed a little break from our usual gear. We inherited this old 35mm Nikon film camera from Graeme’s grandfather which we took along and had a lot of fun experimenting with. We also busted out my camera for some of the stops, but it stayed buried at the bottom on the car for the most of the trip, which was so refreshing. Sometimes, I find that putting the camera down and really soaking in the moment is the best way to get re-inspired.

“Life… it has to be lived; a person has to get out of his head, has to fall in love, has to memorize poems, has to jump off bridges into rivers, has to stand in an empty desert and whisper sonnets under his breath:

I’ll tell you how the sun rose
A ribbon at a  time…” -Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts

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Wine Country

We’d never been to the Okanagan in the summer before until we went to photograph Jaclyn & Chris’ La Punta Norte Wedding in Summerland. Oh my, such a beautiful area–I think we’ll definitely go back.

We arrived in Summerland two days early to do some location scouting & to enjoy some of the best things the Okanagan has to offer: hot weather, wine, & fresh fruit. It was a little mini vacation for us, amidst the busyness of our summer and I am so glad we were able to take a day to relax. Graeme’s personal favourite wine was a Merlot from Red Rooster while I (loving all things sweet) was enamored with all the delicious fruit wines at Elephant Island Winery.

The whole time we were there, I could not get over the beauty of it all. The abundant sage bushes, the sandy coloured cliffs, the gorgeous lake & SO MANY wineries. It seems like there are a bazillion (yes) spots to get married there. We’d love to photograph a wedding at God’s Mountain Estate (south of Penticton) or Bonita Winery (Summerland). Maybe next summer!

Here are a few person shots from our trip. We’re editing Jaclyn & Chris’ entire wedding right now and those will be up soon! They’re gorgeous!

One of the great spots we found for Jaclyn & Chris’ photographs & only a two minute drive from La Punta Norte!

For one of our meals, we dined at Local–a great place in Summerland on the waterfront. The food was delish.

Creme Brulee. My favourite.

Day two was all about the wineries.

Lunch. Om nom nom.

Poor Graeme. We were both a little hangry (hungry & angry) because we’d made the mistake of waiting too long to have dinner, but I made him stop for this shot. A hill of sage! How could I not? Plus, he looked so good too.

Now I’m craving wine & flat bread.

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