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Helen & Skye // Wedding

Helen & Skye were married in a place where a wander through the dappled light in the forest brought you to a big rock by a lake and where the clouds in the sky were mirrored in the water below. There were many beautiful things about their wedding that we have stored away in our hearts. During their ceremony, a passage from The Velveteen Rabbit was read and it was so lovely that we’re going to leave that for you, here, along with the photographs from their glorious weekend at camp.

“What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day… “Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?”

“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”

“I suppose you are real?” said the Rabbit. And then he wished he had not said it, for he thought the Skin Horse might be sensitive. But the Skin Horse only smiled.

“The Boy’s Uncle made me Real,” he said. “That was a great many years ago; but once you are Real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.”

“Weeks passed, and the little Rabbit grew very old and shabby, but the Boy loved him just as much. He loved him so hard that he loved all his whiskers off, and the pink lining to his ears turned grey, and his brown spots faded. He even began to lose his shape, and he scarcely looked like a rabbit any more, except to the Boy. To him he was always beautiful, and that was all that the little Rabbit cared about. He didn’t mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real, and when you are Real shabbiness doesn’t matter.”

The Evening Before

Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0001 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0003Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0005 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0006 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0007 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0010 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0011 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0012 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0013 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0014 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0015 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0016 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0017 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0018 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0019 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0020 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0021 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0022 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0023 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0024 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0026 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0027 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0028 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0029 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0030 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0031 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0032

The Wedding Day

Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0033 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0034 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0035 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0036 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0037Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0039 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0040 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0041 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0042 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0043 Creative Canmore Wedding Photographer-0044 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0001 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0002 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0003 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0004 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0005 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0006 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0007 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0008 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0009 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0010 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0011 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0012 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0013 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0014 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0015 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0016 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0017 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0018 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0019 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0020 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0021 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0022 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0023 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0024 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0025 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0026 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0027 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0028 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0029 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0030 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0031 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0032 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0033 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0034 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0035 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0036 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0037 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0038 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0039 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0040 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0041 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0042 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0043 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0044 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0045 Vancouver Camp Wedding-0046 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0001 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0003 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0004 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0005 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0006 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0007 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0008 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0009 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0010 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0011 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0012 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0013 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0014 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0015 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0016 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0017 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0018 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0019 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0020 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0021 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0022 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0023 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0024 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0025 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0026 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0027 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0028 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0029 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0030 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0031 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0032 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0033 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0034 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0035 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0036 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0037 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0038 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0039 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0040 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0041 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0042 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0043 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0044 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0045 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0046 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0047 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0048 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0049 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0050 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0051 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0052 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0053 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0054 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0055 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0056 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0057 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0058 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0059 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0060 Vancouver Farm Wedding-0061

We also had the joy of creating one of our stop-motion films of Helen & Skye’s weekend:

Sarah & Andrew // Wedding

Two artists throw a farm wedding celebration. There are dream-catchers and lace and wildflowers and happy tears and lawn games and a keg of beer and cute grandparents.

And a lot of heart.

Andrew tells a story about a girl who used to live in Kenora, Ontario and a boy who would go the Kenora in the summers and how he imagines that their paths and stories crossed, even before they actually met on the west coast many years later. And, everyone cries.

Sarah is truly present in every single moment of the day. She folds her hands and fidgets as she waits to see her groom. She glances at the papers after signing their marriage license and you can see her soaking it all in, breathing in every second and filing it away to keep in her heart forever.

These two are human gems. Enjoy the story of their wedding day.

alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0001 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0002 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0003 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0004 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0005 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0006 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0007 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0008alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0010 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0013 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0014 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0015 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0016 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0017 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0018 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0019 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0021 alderwood farm bowen island wedding-0022 backyard wedding vancouver-0001 backyard wedding vancouver-0002 backyard wedding vancouver-0004backyard wedding vancouver-0003 backyard wedding vancouver-0005 backyard wedding vancouver-0015backyard wedding vancouver-0006backyard wedding vancouver-0019 backyard 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Lindsay & Drew // Wedding

Lindsay & Drew invited all of their favourite people to their favourite place in the world. “We wanted you all to see the magic we see in this place,” they said.

It was a day of air that smelled like summer and salt, of wandering in the dunes, of a wedding ceremony enjoyed with toes in the sand, of dancing until the sky turned from navy to black, and of beers and hotdogs and hugs under the stars, around the fire, til the wee hours of the morning.

Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0001 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0002 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0003 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0004 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0006 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0008 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0009Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0007 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0010 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0011 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0012 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0013 Backyard Wedding Vancouver-0014 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0001 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0002 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0003 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0004 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0005 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0006 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0007 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0008 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0009 Backyard Wedding Victoria-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0001 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0002 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0003 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0004 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0005 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0006 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0007 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0008 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0009 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0010 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0011 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0012 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0013 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0014 Birds Eye Cove Farm Wedding-0015 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0001 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0003 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0004 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0005 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0006 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0007 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0010 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0001 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0002 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0003 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0004 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0005 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0006 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0007 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0008 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0009 Glenrosa Farms Wedding-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0001 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0002 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0003 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0004 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0005 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0006 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0007 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0008 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0009 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0010 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0011 Outdoor Wedding Vancouver-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0001 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0002 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0003 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0004 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0005 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0006 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0007 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0008 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0009 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0010 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0011 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0012 Outdoor Wedding Victoria-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0001 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0002 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0003 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0004 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0005 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0006 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0007 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0008 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0009 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0010 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0011 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0012 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0013 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0014 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0015 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0016 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0017 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0018 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0019 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0020 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0021 Tofino Ucluelet Gulf Islands Wedding-0022

Arabelle & Leonard // Wedding

A crowd gathers on the porch of the lodge and looks towards the darkening sky: two planets are aligning. And in view of this natural wonder in the growing darkness, they party on.

We love photographing the celebrations that pull people away from the pace of city life and invite them to go on morning walks to the water’s edge, to put their cell phones away because the service is spotty, to bask in the glow of the late afternoon sun, to dance until all the stars come out or just sit with friends and chat over well made cocktails and craft beers and good wine because there’s nowhere they have to go and no rush to get there.

Arabelle & Leonard chose to celebrate their love in this way. It was marvelous.

Artistic Bowen Island Wedding Photographer-0001 Artistic Bowen Island Wedding Photographer-0002 Artistic Bowen Island Wedding Photographer-0003 Artistic Bowen Island Wedding Photographer-0004 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0001 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0002 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0003 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0004 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0005 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0006 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0007 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0008 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0009 Bodega Ridge Wedding-0010 Bowen Island Wedding-0001 Bowen Island Wedding-0002 Bowen Island Wedding-0003 Bowen Island Wedding-0004 Bowen Island Wedding-0005 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0001 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0002 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0003 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0004 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0005 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0006 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0007 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0008 Camp Fircom Wedding Gambier Island-0009 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0001 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0002 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0003 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0004 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0005 Glenrosa Farm Wedding-0006 Non cheesy wedding photographer galiano-0001 Non cheesy wedding photographer galiano-0002 Non cheesy wedding photographer galiano-0003 Non cheesy wedding photographer galiano-0004 Non cheesy wedding photographer galiano-0005 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0001 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0002 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0003 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0004 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0005 Non cheesy wedding photographer pender island-0006 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0001 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0002 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0003 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0004 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0005 Non cheesy wedding photographer salt spring island-0006 Non cheesy wedding photographer sunshine coast-0001 Non cheesy wedding photographer sunshine coast-0002 Non cheesy wedding photographer sunshine coast-0003 Non cheesy wedding photographer sunshine coast-0004gossip island wedding photographersalt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0001salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0002salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0003salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0004salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0005salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0006salt spring wedding photographer candid artistic-0007texada island wedding-0001texada island wedding-0002texada island wedding-0003texada island wedding-0004texada island wedding-0005texada island wedding photographer-0001texada island wedding photographer-0002texada island wedding photographer-0003texada island wedding photographer-0004whitehorse wedding-0001whitehorse wedding-0002whitehorse wedding-0003whitehorse wedding-0004yukon wedding-0004whitehorse wedding-0005yukon wedding photographer candid artistic-0001yukon wedding photographer candid artistic-0002yukon wedding-0005yukon wedding-0001yukon wedding-0002yukon wedding-0003yukon wedding photographer candid artistic-0003yukon wedding photographer candid artistic-0004yukon wedding photographer candid artistic-0005

Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island is one of our favourite wedding venues, ever. That’s saying a lot, because we have been to many places for weddings. If we’d known about this gem when we were married, you can bet we would have had our wedding celebrations here. The natural beauty here is next to none and Jesse, who runs the retreat is a top notch human being. If you’re looking for a no-stess weekend with your favourite people ever and a wedding day marked by beauty, connection, and amazing food, head there.

Amanda & Michael // Wedding

She grew up on the west coast of Canada, him on the east. “You would love it there!” Amanda exclaimed to us a few days before their wedding as we chatted about Michael’s home. “You know that commercial about Newfoundland?” she continued, “That is Fogo Island–whales! Jumping everywhere! It’s the most beautiful place.”

Amanda is enthusiastic about everything and that small snippet of a conversation is just one example. When we first talked with Amanda & Michael about their wedding at Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver we just couldn’t believe our luck–that we’d get to photograph this incredible and electric couple who were just so excited about their wedding and bringing all their people together and so excited that we’d be there to document it. There’s nothing better than photographing a couple who feels this connection with us.

And their wedding didn’t disappoint. By then, we’d already shared in an adventure to Gambier Island (see it HERE) and we knew the day was going to be legendary. Not only are Amanda and Michael two of the kindest, most genuine people ever, but they had families to match. The sign of a great wedding day to me is when I’m hugging the mother of the bride at the end of the night as if she was my own mom. Graeme & I felt like members of the family.

A wedding day is a collection of people, of moments, of looks of love, and of tears rolling down cheeks. And, in Amanda & Michael’s case: of rainbow confetti being thrown and wearing mom’s Cheongsam (giving Grandpa quite the surprise) and a cake topped with a family heirloom tiny bride & groom and having a real Newfie Screech In at the end of the night.

Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0002 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0003 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0005Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0004Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0006 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0007 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0008 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0016Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0009Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0015 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0010 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0011 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0012 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0013 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0014 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0017 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0018 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0019 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0020 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0021 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0022 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0023 Artistic Squamish Wedding Photographer-0024 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0001Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0005Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0004Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0003 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0006 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0007Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0009 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0008  Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0011 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0012 Artistic Whistler Wedding Photographer-0013 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0001 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0003 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0005 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0007Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0006Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0010 Creative Vancouver Wedding Photographer-0011Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0002 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0003 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0004Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0006 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0005Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0007 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0008 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0009 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0010 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0011 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0013Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0014 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0016 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0017 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0018 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0019 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0001Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0020 Creative Victoria Wedding Photographer-0021 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0005UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0002 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0003 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0007 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0008 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0010 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0011 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0012 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0013 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0014 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0015 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0016 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0017UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0019UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0021UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0024 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0020UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0022 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0023UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0025 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0028 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0029 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0034UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0033 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0031 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0035 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0036 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0037 UBC Cecil Green Park Wedding-0038Brockhouse Wedding-0001Brockhouse Wedding-0002Brockhouse Wedding-0003Brockhouse Wedding-0004Brockhouse Wedding-0005Brockhouse Wedding-0006Brockhouse Wedding-0007Brockhouse Wedding-0008Brockhouse Wedding-0009Brockhouse Wedding-0010Brockhouse Wedding-0011Brockhouse Wedding-0012Brockhouse Wedding-0013Brockhouse Wedding-0014Brockhouse Wedding-0015Brockhouse Wedding-0016Brockhouse Wedding-0017Brockhouse Wedding-0018Brockhouse Wedding-0019Brockhouse Wedding-0020Brockhouse Wedding-0021Brockhouse Wedding-0023Brockhouse Wedding-0024Brockhouse Wedding-0025Brockhouse Wedding-0026Brockhouse Wedding-0027Brockhouse Wedding-0028Brockhouse Wedding-0031Brockhouse Wedding-0033Brockhouse Wedding-0034Brockhouse Wedding-0035Permenant Wedding Vancouver-0002Permenant Wedding Vancouver-0001Brockhouse Wedding-0030Brockhouse Wedding-0037
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