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Jenn & Mat // Portraits

He cooks. She bakes.

They met playing dodge ball, but it took a little help from their friends to make the magic happen.

And, they’re getting married. Tomorrow.

Every since we first heard from Jenn & Mat, we’ve been so incredibly excited for their wedding day. I remember sitting with them in our living room/kitchen/office (our house is… compact) and thinking, “I like these two. We’re going to create some great photos together.” And, we did. Honestly, it was super difficult to narrow down the portraits we took of them by the sea for a tidy blog post. But, that’s okay. Tidy isn’t always the best anyway.

Jenn and Mat, we are so excited for you two. Tomorrow is going to be amazing from start to finish.

big_sur_wedding_photographer001 big_sur_wedding_photographer002 big_sur_wedding_photographer004 big_sur_wedding_photographer005 big_sur_wedding_photographer006 big_sur_wedding_photographer007 big_sur_wedding_photographer008 big_sur_wedding_photographer009 big_sur_wedding_photographer010 big_sur_wedding_photographer011 big_sur_wedding_photographer012 big_sur_wedding_photographer013 big_sur_wedding_photographer014 big_sur_wedding_photographer015 big_sur_wedding_photographer016 big_sur_wedding_photographer017 big_sur_wedding_photographer018 big_sur_wedding_photographer019 big_sur_wedding_photographer020 big_sur_wedding_photographer021 big_sur_wedding_photographer022 big_sur_wedding_photographer023 big_sur_wedding_photographer024 big_sur_wedding_photographer025 big_sur_wedding_photographer026 big_sur_wedding_photographer027 big_sur_wedding_photographer028 big_sur_wedding_photographer029 big_sur_wedding_photographer031 big_sur_wedding_photographer032 big_sur_wedding_photographer033 big_sur_wedding_photographer034 big_sur_wedding_photographer035

Mackenzie & Jay // Portraits

They met on a blind date–something that doesn’t usually work out so well from what I’ve heard, but for Mackenzie & Jay, it was the right time and the right person. Funny how that happens–how you can go along living your life and one day someone comes into your story and there’s no looking back.

Lucky was the day that we received an e-mail from these two about their more-like-a-dinner-party wedding. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know them more and more along the way. When they showed up for their engagement portraits they said they weren’t a very “cuddly” type of couple and we said, that’s okay. You can be yourselves and we’ll have loads of fun and whatever unfolds is good. And, they were themselves. And, it was good.

cape_meares_wedding001 cape_meares_wedding003cape_meares_wedding004 cape_meares_wedding006 cape_meares_wedding007 cape_meares_wedding008 cape_meares_wedding009 cape_meares_wedding010 cape_meares_wedding011 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer001 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer002 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer003 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer004 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer005 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer006 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer007 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer008 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer010 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer011 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer012 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer013 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer014 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer015 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer016 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer017 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer018 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer019 creative_mendocino_wedding_photographer020

20 Frames

Sometimes you need more than one photo to tell the story of a moment. One thing we love to do when we’ve got the time is to create a panoramic photograph of our couple. It’s a way to keep your subjects large in your frame and tell the story of their surroundings too.

We photographed Angela & Will at Lighthouse Park, but I’m renaming it Cotton Candy Island because the sunset was that delicious.

Lighthouse park wedding

This photograph was created by taking 20 separate frames of Angela & Will and the scenery around them, then combining the 20 frames into one image. The resulting image size is ginormous (18,000 px across) and would look incredible printed out and hung up.


Man, it’s been a crazy busy time for us lately with loads of weddings, engagement portrait shoots, and already chatting with couples who are getting married in 2015. Things are whirlwind-ish, but so good. So cool to be invited into the biggest day of people lives.

Engagement shoots by the sea, in the forest, on vespas, at the park he proposed to her, with balloons, savouring coffee, and then going for cocktails after photos are done.

Weddings on cliffs, on islands, with tattoos, with prosecco, with cupcakes, with bees pollinating the Wisteria, with tears during the first dance, with awesome amazing people.

We also got to photograph the awesome ladies of FARMACIE for some updated individual and group portraits. These women are doing awesome things!

Here’s an unload of some of our favourite frames lately…

Alanna & Scott-1 Alanna & Scott-2 Alanna & Scott-3 Alanna & Scott-4 Marcella & Casey-1 Shannon & Henry-1 Shannon & Henry-3 Shannon & Henry-6 Shannon & Henry-4 FARMACIE-3Ashley & Mike-1 Ashley & Mike-3amy&jacob-2 amy&jacob-1 Amy & Jacob-3Jillian & Matt-2 Jillian & Matt Blog-1


Julia & Amiel // An Adventure

It’s no secret that we love adventures. And, the ocean. Luckily for us, Julia & Amiel love those things too and when they first wrote to us and shared about themselves, their wedding and some of their favourite things, I knew we were going to totally hit if off.

“We love driving on to boat ramps at low-tide, deep conversation, staring at the stars, quiet moments, having beach fires, spending time with our family and friends that are basically family, being in each others company, watching Downton Abby, eating delicious food at our favourite local restaurants, making beautiful music, appreciating beautiful music that others have made, and expression. Yes. Expression. Oh, and laughing. Yes. Laughing. #lol”

Haha! Don’t you just love that?

Julia & Amiel wanted to tell a little more of a story about themselves with their engagement portraits and had us photograph a Choose Your Own Adventure session for them. They were so laid back and up for anything, so we planned an afternoon of wandering through trees and along the ocean’s shores. We ended the day with an unbelievable cotton-candy sunset and then a beach fire and star-gazing. It was just so them. So full of joy and laughter. The kind of day when you can’t believe this is your job and how you get to meet such awesome people. A lovin’ life kind of day. I can only imagine all the great adventures that are in store for these two.

natural_tofino_wedding_photographer001 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer002 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer003 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer004 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer005 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer006 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer007 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer008 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer009 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer010 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer011 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer012 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer013 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer014 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer015 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer016 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer017 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer018 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer019 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer020 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer021 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer022 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer023 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer024 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer025 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer026 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer027 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer028 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer029 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer030 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer031 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer032 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer033 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer034natural_tofino_wedding_photographer035 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer036 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer037 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer038 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer039 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer040 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer041 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer042 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer043 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer044 natural_tofino_wedding_photographer045
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